Personal Systems: Sell, Rent or Rent to Own

Our mission, at Brain Trainers is to make NeurOptimal® neurotechnology readily available to as many people in need of nervous system self optimization as possible, in a way that is convenient, geographically independent and cost effective.

Personal Systems Rent or Purchase: In the spirit of our mission, we now have the ability to sell, rent or rent to own NeurOptimal® personal systems. These systems are fully automated and very simple to use. They are designed for at home use. No special training is needed. All you need to learn is how to do an effective EEG hookup on yourself or with the help of another individual. The rest is up to the self-optimizing capabilities of your brain and the profound transformational power of NeurOptimal® software.

Trainer consultation and support Our New Earth personal plans include telephone consultation with our trainers on any concerns that you may have with the system hardware, the EEG hookups, the default protocol or concerns about your personal optimization progress.

NeurOptimal Personal Trainer Manual Video

NeurOptimalPersonalTrainerSessionDemo NeurOptimalSelfHookup

NeurOptimal Self Hook-up Demonstration Video

There are five plans to choose from that address various levels of time and financial commitment. Each plan may be converted to an equipment purchase. The rental fees are fully applied to your purchase with the exception of a small processing fee and license transfer fee.

Brain Trainers
Personal Trainer Pricing
Boot CampWellnessPeak PerformEnlightenOptimum Flow
Charge per session
Total charge
Days to use sessions
Months to use sessions
Trainer phone consultations-15min


Contact us for details Contact us by email or telephone to discuss which plan you would like to select. We will review the RENTAL CONTRACT and the remaining details with regard to the personal equipment rental/purchase procedure.