Client Reported Benefits


Profound Transformation
People choose to try NeurOptimal® for a number of reasons. The benefits they experience quickly surpass their originally stated goals. Results can be realized on a number of physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels.

NeurOptimal® brain mirror
Once the brain realizes it is watching itself work, as though looking in a mirror, it immediately begins to reorganize itself to attain a higher level of integration and stability.

Optimum flow and function:
The benefits are both tangible and intangible in nature. After an average series of 20 sessions of trainings, a person emerges with a robust and flexible nervous system. In the words of a trainee, “It is much harder to ruin my day.”

Seamless change
Almost seamlessly energetic signatures are rewritten and the person seems “different.” They may seem to be more calm, less reactive and more responsive, more energetic, approachable and at ease with the flow of life.

Regardless of the stated reason to begin training, the benefits achieved during and after a series of training sessions keep one motivated to continue reaching for peak performance.


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Peak Performance: Higher level of achievement in sports, career, and creative art forms

Relief of Client Concerns: Elimination of client concerns resulting from physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalances

Personal Growth: More fulfilling relationships, healthier work/life balance, deeper spiritual connection, ability to stay in the present

Academic Optimization: Improved test scores, better information retention, increase focus & concentration

Best you can be: While no trainer can guarantee you a particular result, we do know, regardless of why you came to us, that we can help you be the best you can be. Watching our clients transform their lives is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a brain trainer.

Survey of client reported changes

A World wide NeurOptimal® Trainer’s survey was completed by Zengar Institute in 2008 and updated in 2014. The survey represents results from 3.2 million hours of client training. One third of trainers reported that the majority of their clients showed 100% improvement. Most clients can expect significant improvement of 60% or better.

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Default protocol It must be stated that the software is “diagnostically agnostic,” meaning that a standard default procedure is used. The goal is simply and profoundly to allow each brain to self balance and stabilize the nervous system as a whole.

Trainers report client concerns: The following table represents the percentage of trainers worldwide that are reporting a greater than 40% improvement for each presenting client concern after 20 training sessions

Immune Function 90% Addiction 80% Multiple personality 67%
Defiant Disorder 88% Aspergers 80% Asthma 67%
Stress Management 88% Epilepsy 80% Chronic Fatigue 65%
Focus & Concentration 87% Gastrointestinal 80% Obsessive compulsive 64%
Headaches/migraines 87% Lyme Disease 80% Tourettes 64%
Failure in school 86% Dizziness 78% Diabetes 60%
Anxiety & Panic 85% Peak Performance 78% Stroke 60%
ADD/ADHD 84% Executive coaching 77% Eating disorders 57%
Cognitive Function 84% Fatigue 77% Urination 57%
Depression 84% Memory 76% Autism 54%
Learning disorder 83% Cerebral Palsy 75% Allergies 50%
Sleep problems 83% Fibromyalgia 74% Developmental delay 50%
PTSD 82% Brain Injury 72% Ear tinnitus 50%
Anger 81% Hyper/Hypotension 72% Heart conditions 50%
Pain 81% Bi-Polar 70% Hypo/Hyperglycemia 50%
Shyness 81% Swallowing 67% Vision 50%

Immune system #1 improvement Human electrical systems are in concert with biochemical systems. The human brain is command central for the rest of your biological systems. If your electrical system is in tiptop shape then it follows that your biochemical system will follow its lead.