Office Training & Home Training

Our mission at Brain Trainers LLC is to make this highly effective neuro-technology accessible to people who seek to reach their peak performance in all phases of their life. Our system is so elegantly simple and easy to use that you can either come to our office for a series of training sessions or you can rent or purchase a personal system for training in your home.

Office Training

Dana Consuelo can introduce you to NeurOptimal® Brain Training in the tranquil setting of her Virginia Beach, Virginia office. She will explain the technology and how it works, establish a good EEG hookup to ensure accurate data is received and transmitted, help you understand the CCAC graphs of your brainwave activity, and discuss the experience with you in terms of attaining your personal peak performance goals.

Interested? Call or visit for a free peak performance consultation.

A single NeurOptimal brain training session lasts 33 minutes during which time you simply sit back, relax, listen to soothing music combined with the EEG feedback and watch fractal images on the monitor or close your eyes and rest.

Personal Systems for Rent or Purchase

Designed for at home use, our personal systems are fully automated and easy to use. Once you’ve learned how to do an effective EEG hookup (see video below), you’ll be ready to begin training. The rest is up to the self-optimizing capabilities of your brain and the NeurOptimal® software. No graphing capability is included.

Our packages for office or rental sessions include a comprehensive series of trainings in blocks of 20/30/40. Tracking Your Progress tools are provided, as well as phone and email support regarding any concerns or questions that you may have about your personal progress, the system hardware, the EEG hookups, or the default protocol. The Personal rental unit may be available for purchase once your series is complete. A $200 credit will be applied to the sale price.

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Contact us by email or telephone 757.418.0292 to discuss the Training Package right for you.

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NeurOptimal Self Hook up Demo Video