A historical perspective: For me, I go way back to the mid 1970s where I started the Biofeedback Section at The Cleveland Clinic which included a quite primitive neurofeedback component. I have owned and operated just about every neurofeedback system out there and have worked with about every diagnosis imaginable. I have settled on Zengar’s NeurOptimal® as the most easy to use, effective, and elegant approach in existence. I believe this statement enough to join them in advancing this system on many fronts. I thoroughly enjoy bringing new people into this adventure, watching professionals gain new skills and excitement in expanding their understanding and range with NeurOptimal®.
Allen Batchers, PHD, Professor

Peak performance: An on-going case of writers’ block brought me to Dana and the Brain Trainers process. I had ten sessions. These were deeply relaxing, meditative really. In this relaxed state I learned to recognize the physical signals of my mind at play/mind at rest and how to easily bring my focus back to center. Dana’s supportive presence during the sessions and her clear understanding of how to work with the experience after each session have given me the insight I need to ‘unblock’ each AM as I sit down to write. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Dana and this process.
Gillian Spencer, writer

Clarity: “After 20 sessions of Brain Training I now experience a peaceful detachment from my whirling thoughts.  At last I feel like I am in charge of my thinking.”
Tom Baker, LMFT

Peace: Having experienced the Tomatis method years ago I can compare what the difference is with NeuroOptimal. After just one session with the NeuroOptimal, I found my psyche in a meditative state as if my busy and chaotic brain was able to rest. This meditative state has returned each time. Now having completed 20 sessions this is my "go to" modality where I am confident I will get the results I need each time. Having this confidence in NeuroOptimal I am secure in knowing that I have a safety net. The beautiful feeling of calm and balance help me move away from fear and anxiety.  What a wonderful tool to have in my medicine bag. Because I have experienced it myself, I can recommend it to others.
Jean Crawford, Ed.D., LPC/LMFT


Transformation: I began experiencing the life transforming effects of brain training with the NeurOptimal system in the spring of 2010. I have experienced my immune system become more robust, a marked decrease in anxiety and depression, a decrease in my compulsive habits around food, an increase in my clarity of thought and ability to organize myself and complete tasks, a strengthening of responding vs reacting to challenges with situations and other people. The overall result is peak performance all areas of my life.
Dana Consuelo, Owner of Brain Trainers. LLC

Recovery: I had a stroke in 2011. One of the results was I had trouble speaking and making sense of what I read in the newspaper. My daughter rented a personal system after I came out of the hospital and did 20 sessions with me within a 6 week period. Both my speech therapist and his doctor said to me that my progress and recovery out paced their expectations considering the extent of the impairment to my speech and balance. Slowly but surely I regained my comprehension of everything I read. Now, three years later, (2014) I have done a second 20 session series. I plan to continue with weekly sessions to strengthen my damaged brain and do the best I can. I now ride an adult three wheel bike and when I walk only occasionally need to use my cane. I’ve come a long way from using a walker to get around! I now also remember my dreams occasionally, which I didn’t before. I still work with a speech therapist when I feel I need to and I enjoy life to the fullest at 90!
Bob Smith, Editor

Brain Training reveals that in each moment we are the leading edge of the universe’s progression. At and as this leading edge, everything we do makes the universe a little bit better, or a little bit worse. The ability to meet this challenge is what Brain Training cleans us up and prepares us to show up for. This is the ultimate expression of our humanness.
Dr. Allen Batchers PHD