Office Training

Our business model, here at Brain Trainers, is to make Brain Training with the NeurOptimal technology available to as many people as possible for a reasonable amount of money.

This model intentionally moves away from the medical model where a highly skilled professional sees one person at a time, creating a diagnosis, a treatment plan and hopefully results. Typically this is accomplished by treating symptoms rather then causes, usually on a biochemical level, and with prescription drugs. The expense of this approach is self evident.  
Our business model is NOT A MEDICAL MODEL. We use Zengar certified trainers to apply the Zengar NeurOptimal technology efficiently, by running one or more persons at the same time. There is no concern with diagnosis or treatment. There is only the application of a default process that addresses the entire brain and nervous system as a whole. If the electrical system is optimized, then it makes sense that the optimization of biochemical system will follow. Zengar offers a drug free alternative to address cause rather then mask symptoms. NeurOptimal puts the client brain and the inherent wisdom of the body in charge of the prioritization and speed of its own optimization process. The trainer’s job is defined as explaining the technology and how it works to the client, as well as accomplishing a good "hookup" so that accurate data is given back to the brain on what it just did. The wisdom of client brain does the rest.

Zengar has created a system that is so easy to use that you now have a choice to come in person to our office for a series of sessions or you may elect to rent or purchase an at home system. This option allows you to run the sessions yourself in the comfort of your own home. The home option is helpful for families as well as for people in areas of the world where a certified Zengar trainer is not located near by. The Zengar technology has made it possible to keep the price of profound personal transformation reasonable. It is now possible to ship the world’s best Brain Training technology literally around the world. If you have a brain you can and will benefit from this work.